To, Dear Self – I was and I am with You!!!


“I know things are not going good. But, you know what??? I know your capacity… Trust me, I am with you”

Above are the lines that I say to myself whenever I am struggling with something. I am sure most of you do the same. After all, if we communicate the most to someone in this world, then, that’s none other than our own self.

Since many days I have been thinking about writing a proper letter to myself reminding whatever I have felt, done or realised. It doesn’t mean that you have got nothing to do with this letter because I bet… You all will see your reflection in the coming letter to self.

Here we go…


Dear Self,

Hi! I just wanna start with “I was and I am with YOU!!!”.

I know things are going fast and you aren’t getting much time now a day to have a self talk. That’s why I thought of writing to you. You are a true warrior who knows how to make lemonade when life gives you lemon.

Remember your beginning of school days? You were poor, small, thin and always scared creature who used to get fever in the name of school itself. And just look at you now… A completely changed personality… No one will ever believe that how you had been once in your past and what you have become. But… I can, because I have seen you moulding yourself in every possible manner, because – I have been with you and I am so Proud of You!!!.

You even survived body shaming. Remember?? When you were thin, they called you stick, skeleton and what not… and when during school days you started gaining pounds, they even didn’t skipped a single chance to call you fat or anything that symbolises fat. I know you were hurt. I saw you going through that. Anyhow… later on you took it positively and realised that a person should be known for his/her nature and work. You should be thankful to those who made you realise the same and made you a better person.

I also remember your struggle with studies. You were a below average student till your initial secondary classes. But, one thing was very clear in your mind since beginning that you wanted respect in your life. That goal found its way and that’s why one day you realised that to have a respectable life ahead, you need to work in that direction. Almighty also helped you and gave you what you wanted. Along with the responsibility of Head Girl of the school, You ranked in Higher Secondary. That was one of the Happiest Day of my life to see your name on ranker list. But, again I know… That path was also full of thrones but you reached your destination.

We were excited to move ahead in your glorious career. You chose the most respectable profession in your stream. Initially it was an easy to go but, time made you realise why your course was called one of the most difficult course to crack. The real struggle started. After being a ranker, you were not ready for something what happened. Failure found its way to make place in your life. You failed. It broke your confidence. Failure was not just an event there after, it became a phase of your life. A phase that made you the person you are today. It made you realise that life doesn’t hurt but teaches you lessons and makes you a better person. Also that life is not about winning or achieving everything that you want, but, to keep moving like a river with whatever comes on your way. You did the same. You accepted your failure and worked on it. And… did not stopped untill you achieved it. You made us a Better Person.

You even learnt to recognize people. Earlier, you were innocent and trusted every individual. And… You were even not wrong in your way as you used to see others as you yourself are. But, few betrayed, broke your trust and gave you the biggest lessons of life. You learnt that Everyone doesn’t deserve you and your trust. You survived that too. Just like a strong person, you learnt the lesson and moved ahead.

Just a small advice my dear friend… Don’t be harsh with yourself, keep believing in your actions as you had been doing till now and love yourself. You are beautiful as you are and doesn’t need anyone’s approval for the same. You are here in this amazing world to live to your fullest and not to impress anyone. You deserve everything in this world. Just keep your spirit up and never lose faith. And at last – Just remember that “I was and I am with YOU… Always”.


Your “Dear Self”

30 thoughts on “To, Dear Self – I was and I am with You!!!

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    1. I guess… to correct your self, you need to be there with self. By the way, knowing that self is on wrong direction or realising that self has done something wrong is already the first step towards correction.


    1. I guess… to correct your self, you need to be there with self. By the way, knowing that self is on wrong direction or realising that self has done somwthing wrong is already the first step towards correction.


  1. Highly impressive I’m glad to read it and my memory run back to the hardest struggling days for existence, yes must carry a smile and wait for the right time to execute the best of the ability to perform, there will be shining glory at the end of the dark tunnel. Cheers.

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